Miscellaneous Costs To Factor In When Buying A House In Year 2019 | If you are hunting for a dream house, it will be an experience of a lifetime especially for a first-time home buyer as it feels like achievement unlocked in life. However, if survey and research is not properly done, you might overlook some of the total expenditure when acquiring your home. For first-time home buyers, most of the focus is placed on the selling price of the units. Though there are plentiful of freebies and promotions offered by developers, do take note that there are other important costs in home purchasing process that you will need to factor in towards the end of your transaction. Variable third-party fees are often referred as closing costs and if it’s ignored, you may risk financial setbacks and disappointment in realising your dreams of owning a home in Bukit Jelutong.

Here are couple of significant closing costs you will need to include in your property budget planning:

1. Stamp duty
An avoidable cost in property purchasing is stamp duty where it is the tax placed on your property documents during the sale or transfer of the property. This also includes stamp duty on the Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPA) of your property and stamp duty for Memorandum of Transfer (MOT), both of which are calculated based on the purchase price. You will also need to pay the stamp duty on your loan agreement based on flat rate of 0.5% of the total loan.

As we all know in the recent Budget 2019, the government has announced the hike of stamp duty for properties that is costing more than RM1million, where the rate was increased from 3% to 4%. You can click here to see the latest stamp duty rates.

2. Legal fees
Unless if you have a legal background and possess some of the required expertise and knowledge, you are most likely going to engage in some legal assistance for your property purchase. With your appointed solicitor that will prepare all the necessary documents and necessary documents and contracts to facilitate transfer of the properties. With the legal fees for preparation of the SPA, they are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price, varying from 0.25% up to 1% depending on the property value.

3. Real property gain tax (RPGT)
A buyer who has long term planning should look ahead to the possibility that will eventually selling the property in future. For example, you want to leave the neighbourhood, an upgrade of your property, find a better home suited to your preference or selling it for financial purposes due to the booming market. When selling your home to a new buyer, you are still entail to paying real property gain tax (RPGT) if you are profiting from the transaction. Last November, Malaysia’s Budget 2019 was tabled and announced that RPGT rates are to be revised starting next year. Malaysian individuals who are disposing their property in the year 6 of ownership will now have to pay a 5% of RPGT. Meanwhile, whoever dispose their home after less than 3 years will be charged 30% RPGT; 20% in year 4 and 15% in year 5.

4. Agent’s commission fees
During your purchase of new house and you have engage real estate agents especially in the secondary market, agent fees will be an additional cost on top of the price you pay for your own home. Though most buyers are aware of the fees, there are some do not factor in the agent fees in the total cost. It could be a setback when you are on a tight budget. Bear in mind that the maximum fee chargeable on services provided by the agents on the sale of any land and building is normally 1% to 3% with many are on case to case basis. However, as a buyer, you have the rights to bargain and negotiate to confirm your agent fees before engaging the agents to represent you in any property transactions. This move will help you in calculating your costs in advance and to set your budget right.

5. Insurance fees
Buyers are required to purchase insurance on their homes, it is required by most banks as part of the housing loan package to protect the value of property. This type of insurance is commonly referred to as the Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). It’s costs are dependent on the age of the borrower and the total mortgage on property. There are other options besides MRTA like the Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA) which offers repayment of your outstanding home loan as well as a guaranteed cash value back at the end of the scheme.

How To Spend Less On First HDB Flat?  | With so many HDB available for sale in Singapore, such as Sengkang HDB, are you planning to buy your first property in Singapore? There are so many things that you need to know as a first time homebuyer, especially when there will be many upcoming expenses that you have spend on if you were to buy an HDB flat. With so many factors to consider before buying your first HDB flat, this article will guide you through some tips on how to spend less on your first HDB flat.

1. Plan ahead and apply for a build to order (BTO) flat

It is totally understandable that waiting is a long process and everyone dreads waiting for something. What more to say waiting for at least 1 year for your BTO to complete. If there is an option, everybody would go for ready made flat instead of waiting for the BTO to complete. And that is what makes a resale HDB flat more expensive than BTO flat. For example, the average price of a resale flat located in Sembawang would cost $435,000 whereas a 4 bedrooms BTO flat would cost so much cheaper at only $260,000. As for prime area such as Bedok, the average price of a resale flat in bedok would cost $630,000 whereas a 4 bedrooms BTO in the vicinity would cost only $435,000. Therefore, do plan ahead so you do not have to turn to resale flats when you need a place on your own.

2. Choose a less prime area
Check out the neighborhood. An HDB flat located in a non matured estate is much cheaper than an HDB flat located in prime area, even with the same size. If you want to spend lesser on your first HDB flat, consider getting HDB flat in non matured estates. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by choose an HDB flat in a non matured estate. In the launch of Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) in May 2016, a 5 bedrooms flat in Ang Mo Kio is priced at $515,000 onwards, whereas the flatin Sembawang is only priced at $313,000, before grants. That is a 40% less, or a total of $200,000 difference in price.Although non matured estates are located slightly further from the central business district, public transportations are easily accessible. There are buses, MRT stations and taxis as well. Furthermore, there will be extra lines and stops in the future for MRT.

3. Apply for grant
There are also HDB Grants available for people buying their first BTO flat. Check for the eligibility before applying for these grant. You can start looking for grant available from Special Housing Grant (SHG) and Additional Housing Grant (AHG). SHG is a housing subsidy that covers both the low and middle income families with grant ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, subject to buyer’s income. As for the AHG, it is a scheme that aims to help Singaporeans with lower income to purchase their first flat with grant ranging from $5,000 to $40,000, subject to buyer’s income as well. To qualify for an AHG grant, your household income should not exceed $5,000 per month, for a period of 12 months before your application for the flat. Do note that the time to wait is approximately 2 months to 3 months between the period of  successful ballot and flat choosing

4. Choose the size that is suitable
Be realistic and tay within your budget. Choose a size that is suitable for you so you do not get yourself into financial burden. Consider the number of people that will be staying in a unit before deciding on the size of the flat. A 3 bedrooms flat will be sufficient if there are 3 people staying in a flat. Let’s say if you plan to have two children in the future, a 4 bedrooms flat sounds perfect. You may also be qualified for the Special Housing Grant (SHG) if you buy a 4 bedrooms or smaller BTO flat in a non matured estate. After all, you can always upgrade in the future when you are more financially stable.

5. Save on interest
Your first HDB flat should not be treated as an investment. Most people treat their first HDB flat as an investment, thinking that they could make a profit in the future, therefore bought a bigger flat. However, there is no guarantee that you are able to sell your flat for a profit. The only thing for sure is that you will be paying more interest, as the bigger amount of loan you secure, the more interest you will need to pay. Hence, choose the right size for your HDB flat.

6. Do not overspend on renovation
The amoung that you spent on renovation is non recoverable. It is different from spending on furniture as you can bring along your furniture when you move to a new place in the future. It is very unlikely that the future buyer will pay you more just because you spent a huge sum in renovating your flat. Hence, it is advisable to keep your renovation budget low. Set a budget that makes you comfortable, especially when you have already spent such a huge sum in buying a flat and paying for other expenses. Setting a budget is also one of the ways to prevent yourself from overspending on renovation costs. Opt for loose furniture instead of built in furniture as built in furniture tend to be on a pricier side. Loose furniture are also easy to bring along if you move out in the future.

In conclusion, HDB flats in Singapore are built to suit the budget and needs of the citizen. Do think rationally, stay realistic and stay within your budget to prevent yourself from spending unnecessarily. After all, you have already spent so much on your HDB flat and you do not want to regret later on thinking that you could have done things differently.

Prebiotic Feminine Hygiene Wash: Biosol With Honey | Wanita mempunyai aset penting yang memerlukan penjagaan yang rapi. Ramai wanita yang sanggup menghabiskan wang semata-mata untuk kelihatan cantik terutamanya bahagian tubuh dan paras rupa sehinggakan mereka terlupa tentang perkara yang paling penting iaitu kebersihan dan kesihatan vagina atau Miss V dan juga dipanggil faraj. Jangan kita lupa kecantikan itu bermula dari dalam.

Kini aku telah terjumpa satu produk terbaik untuk miss v. Produk apa? Biosol by Neil Armayan. First time aku dengar produk nie, aku terus excited nak cuba. Tapi dalam hati tertanya-tanya, okay ke produk nie? Selepas guna, memang terbaik! Baca lagi dibawah untuk tahu apa yang menariknya produk ini.

9 Kebaikan Prebiotic Feminine Hygiene Wash: Biosol With Honey

  1. Melenyapkan kekeringan vagina
  2. Mengekalkan pH optimum untuk vagina
  3. Menegang dan mengetatkan kulit/otot yang kendur
  4. Meningkatkan kesihatan dan menyamankan kulit
  5. Merangsang pembiakan bakteria yang berfaedah dalam lapisan kulit dalaman
  6. Mengandungi ciri anti-penuaan dan menukar sel kulit yang lesu
  7. Mengetat dan menegangkan otot vagina, mengembalikan tona dan tekstur
  8. Menyediakan nutrien penting yang diperlukan untuk melembap dan menghidrat kulit
  9. Menggalakkan pertumbuhan semula epidermis untuk memperbaiki, melembut dan memulihkan kulit

Selepas guna produk nie, kini aku tahu kenapa ramai yang nasihatkan memilih feminine hygiene wash dengan betul. Tekstur ini sangat berbeza dengan yang lain. Biosol agak pekat dan tidak terlalu wangi. Bauan yang mild sahaja tapi best sangat. Sesuai untuk semua dan tidak kira sama ada dah berkahwin atau belum. Penjagaan Miss V nie penting tau!

Korang nak dapatkan Biosol by Neil Armayan ini? Boleh kunjungi laman web dibawah untuk maklumat lanjut. Jangan kata aku tak kongsi tau! Special untuk korang nie. Hihihii..

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