Dah Boleh Rentas Negeri, Jom Bercuti Di Avillion Port Dickson | Nak tunggu pengumuman boleh rentas negeri macam tunggu pengumuman raya tau! Dah lama tak rentas negeri akibat pandemik Covid-19. Sekarang dah boleh rentas, apa rancangan korang? Ke belum merancang?

Bagi yang belum merancang, apa kata korang ajak keluarga korang untuk bercuti di Port Dickson. Takkan nak bercuti dalam negeri sendiri lagi. Kita rentas laa dulu selagi boleh rentas tapi dalam masa yang sama jaga SOP.

Tapi kalau nak bercuti di Port Dickson, aku nak suggest kepada korang tempat penginapan yang wajib jadi pilihan utama korang. Tempat penginapan nie confirm dapat memberikan kepuasan berganda kepada korang.

Jom jadikan Avillion Port Dickson sebagai tempat penginapan untuk staycation korang. Bagi yang dah pernah menginap disana, mesti dah tahu macam mana exclusive Avillion Port Dickson yang bertaraf 5 bintang.

Avillion Port Dickson adalah tempat peranginan pantai yang telah memenangi anugerah di Malaysia yang memiliki lebih dari 23 hektar pemandangan pantai dan menghadap Selat Melaka, menawarkan 258 bilik, chalet dan vila yang direka dengan indah.

Mesti korang tertanya-tanya bilik yang macam mana Avillion nie ada kan? Dan bila aku dah bagitahu nie, korang dah boleh plan untuk ke sini tau! Nak bercuti bersama keluarga, honeymoon atau apa-apa, semua boleh.

Untuk chalet, terdapat tiga jenis iaitu Garden Chalet, Water Chalet dan Premium Water Chalet. Dan setiap chalet ini berbeza harga dan keluasan. Jika korang memilih Garden Chalet, pemandangan taman untuk private balkoni. Manakala jika memilih Water Chalet, sebahagian pemandangan private balkoni adalah Selat Melaka. Berbeza dengan Premium Water Chalet kerana pemandangan private balkoni adalah pemandangan laut yang luas.

Selain itu, korang yang mempunyai keluarga yang besar, korang boleh membuat pilihan vila. Antara pilihan yang ada adalah 1 Bedroom Water Villa, 2 Bedroom Water Villa dan 3 Bedroom Ultimate Water Villa.

Dan pilihan untuk bilik di tepi pantai, korang masih ada pilihan sama ada bilik Superior atau Duplex. Untuk pilihan bilik di tepi pantai ini lebih sesuai untuk berdua sahaja.

Justeru itu, korang mesti membuat pilihan yang tepat untuk bilik ini. Kalau aku, aku akan pilih mengikut keselesaan dan poket aku. Tapi di Avillion yang bertaraf 5 bintang ini, semua bilik dijamin memberi keselesaan yang maksima kepada korang.

Bercuti bersama orang tersayang, korang patut rancang juga aktiviti apa yang patut korang lakukan. Takkan bercuti pun nak pegang gajet je kan? Di Avillion Port Dickson, dorang dah sediakan aktiviti yang menarik sampai korang boleh lupakan gajet dan masalah korang.

Antara aktviti yang ditawarkan ialah Beach Volleyball di Riau Beach, tengok lebih daripada 30 spesies yang berlainan di sekitar resort, mulai dari Kingfishers hingga Black-Naped Orioles dan banyak lagi, melakukan aktiviti lasak seperti berkayak, jetski, banana bot, snorkeling dan banyak lain.

Tak rugi langsung kalau korang ke sini. Terlalu banyak aktiviti menarik untuk aku senaraikan kepada korang. Aku yang baru plan nak ke sana pun dah teruja lain macam nie. Reward selepas dapat rentas negeri. Asalkan kita jaga kita, kita jaga jarak, kita jaga SOP.

By the way, Avillion Port Dickson ini menerima sambutan yang sangat luar biasa dari penginap yang pernah menginap di sini tau antaranya ialah lokasi hotel nie yang sangat strategik, pemandangan yang sangat mengagumkan, bilik yang selesa dan banyak lagi.

Kalau korang nak ke sini, cepat-cepat booking sekarang! Aku dah booking nie. Tak sabarnya nak bercuti! Hello Avillion Port Dickson, aku datang nie~


Company Inks Agreement with Sabah Bodybuilding Association, and Extends Partnership with Ten Times World Bodybuilding Champion Sazali Samad.

Joannes Staneslous, President of SBBA (center), Nelson Lee (L) and Benedict Yu (R), the directors of Nutrition Pro Sabah, at a sponsorship discussion for Mr Sabah and Mr Borneo 2021

Penampang, Sabah, 29 Sept 2021 – Sports Nutrition Pro Sdn Bhd (“Nutrition Pro”), one of Malaysia’s leading sports supplement retailers, opens its doors this month in Penampang, Sabah. Despite the prolonged lockdown of the fitness industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the company is still on track to achieve its all-time high revenue of RM20 million in 2021, an increase by over 60% from 2020.

Established in 2011, Nutrition Pro has successfully introduced world-renowned sports nutrition supplements to the fitness and bodybuilding market. Amongst some of the top global brands distributed are MMX Muscle Metabolix, Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize, MyProtein, MuscleTech, Scivation, Redcon1, Dream Tan, BSN and BPI Sports. The company is also the organiser of Mr. Perak, an annual bodybuilding competition in Ipoh, Perak.

Lawrent Cheong Yon Jean, director of Nutrition Pro

“Multiple Movement Control Orders (MCOs) initiated by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 may have hampered the fitness industry. Despite the challenges, we were lucky to have managed to pivot our business model and focus on e-commerce, which has led to the growth in our revenue,” said Lawrent Cheong Yon Jean, director of Nutrition Pro.

He added that the company has also strived to help gyms and fitness centres to recover and recoup their losses. “Nutrition Pro has helped over ten gyms and fitness centres during this lockdown by expanding their business models to incorporate e-commerce and virtual personal training classes. This has helped them to sustain their income and hopefully, can be an added revenue for them when their operations resume.”

“What we strived for is the co-development and sustenance of the ecosystem by sharing our knowledge and by lending a helping hand. We hope that more gyms and fitness centres will utilise this opportunity to engage our services. Our comprehensive plans will ensure that they recover in the shortest amount of time possible.”

September 2021 also marked a new journey as the company launched its first East Malaysia outlet in Penampang, Sabah. “Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in demand by our customers in Sabah and Sarawak. I sincerely hope that our presence here will help to fulfil their demand and spur the growth of the local sports industry,” said Dr Benedict Yu, Managing Director of Nutrition Pro Sabah.

“Moreover, we have recently signed an agreement with the Sabah Bodybuilding Association (SBBA) to show our full support to the 2021 Mr Sabah and Mr Borneo that is slated at the end of the year. This will be our first foray in working with a sports association in Sabah and we hope that we can contribute more to the local sporting landscape,” he added.

(L-R) Adam Isaac, Operations Manager of Nutrition Pro and Sazali Samad, ambassador of Nutrition Pro at the contract extension signing ceremony

In the same month, the company also extended the contract of its ambassador, Sazali Samad, the ten times Mr. Universe. “We are pleased that he has decided to continue his journey with us and we look forward to more exciting content collaborations that will be released in our official Nutrition Pro YouTube and our social media pages,” Lawrent concluded.

For more info, visit or follow the company’s social media pages at:


Established in 2011, Nutrition Pro is one of the leading sports nutrition retailers in Malaysia. With 12 outlets nationwide and 1 outlet in Singapore, the company has continued to support the local sports and fitness industries through various partnerships and collaborative efforts. In 2017, the company also secured its first exclusive Asia Pacific import and distributor license for the American brand, MMX Muscle Metabolix.

Nutrition Pro is also the annual organiser of Mr Perak, and will expand its initiative to support Mr Sabah and Mr Borneo in 2011.
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Head of Marketing
Sports Nutrition Pro Sdn Bhd
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