Best Mini Fridge Malaysia Review | In all honesty, not everyone has enough room for a full-sized refrigerator. If you concur, your best course of action is to get a tiny fridge. While being much smaller, they are nonetheless made with efficiency in mind. giving you additional space to keep food and beverages in their little compartment. In addition, it might be a practical addition for any additional food that won't fit in your primary refrigerator. Which tiny fridge is the best in Malaysia given the wide range of options available on the market? To fit your lifestyle and price range, we have selected the best small fridge malaysia.

Hisense 60L Mini Fridge RR60D4AGN

Hisense, which was founded in 1969, has been making excellent household appliances, like the Hisense RR60D4AGN. In comparison to other small fridges in Malaysia, this 60L refrigerator has an astounding 4.6 rating from over 3,000 reviews on Lazada Malaysia alone, demonstrating how happy buyers are with the item. This fridge is a terrific deal since it has the size that's ideal for college dormitories, apartment rooms, or just as extra storage for your house, and it has all the high-quality features and materials you need at a low cost.

The quality of the Hisense RR60D4AGN is outstanding. With its Multi Air Flow system, which distributes cold air evenly to all four corners, Automatic Deodorizing system, which eliminates offensive odors, and Complete No Frost technology, you won't ever need to defrost again. Also, we appreciate that the adjustable thermostat has a temperature range of up to 7, and that you may turn it to "0" to turn the device off without clearing the electricity. You may keep your food fresh with your personal cooling preferences by combining all these functions.

This little fridge has a separate chiller where you may store food at an exceptionally cold temperature aside from its technology. Making ice cream is fantastic as well! Also, there is a 2L bottle rack for your preferred large Coca-Cola and a fruit and vegetable crisper to keep your greens a little bit fresher. Thanks to its Low Noise technology, there will be no more disturbing noise at night. Finally, the fridge's legs may be adjusted to provide stability on uneven floors.

Sharp 50L Minibar Fridge SJM60MK

The Sharp Minibar SJM60MK continues the tradition of being one of our favorite brands for reliable appliances at a reasonable price. With adjustable feet to keep it sturdy on an uneven surface, it also boasts a sleek all-black appearance that would go well with any contemporary home décor. This 60L small bar fridge, which has a fantastic 4.8 rating from over 70 Shopee reviewers, has all the features you need in a superb refrigerator, including the Cooling System Direct for speedy chilling and the usage of the ecologically friendly Refrigerant R-600A.

Wire shelf that you can remove to store larger objects and an ice tray section for making ice are both located in the main compartment. Two bottle racks, one large for 2L bottles and the other smaller for canned drinks, are mounted on the door.

Winia Daewoo Retro Fridge FN120RD

This Retro Fridge FN120RD from Winia Daewoo is a great option for those who adore vintage design. This elegantly crafted appliance is a rich shade of red, and it features a metal frame with a polished finish and a high-end glossy finish. The tabletop's flat and sturdy construction allows you to place your microwave there while the welding-curved shape prevents collisions.

While having a similar appearance, this Winia Daewoo refrigerator has a bit more space than the previous Haier model, at 120L, providing the ideal compromise between a micro fridge and a full-sized refrigerator. Its sections are roomy as well; there are two shelves in the main compartment, a bottle holder for cold beverages, a Fresh Keeper for your fruits and vegetables, and a Cooling Keeper for making ice.

The Multi Keeper at the top of the door, which has a glass so you can preserve some liquids, such milk, in a better hygienic state, is what we appreciate the best. The hidden thin bin beneath the door is a stylish touch as well. Not to mention, we like its A++ energy rating for lowering energy costs.

Haier 115L Mini Fridge HR-135H

This Haier HR-135H refrigerator is a fantastic choice if you want a bigger refrigerator that is still small in size and style. This refrigerator contains additional divisions including a freezer compartment, crisper box, three bottle racks, and two roomy shelves despite having a 115L capacity and a narrow 49.5cm width. What we enjoy about it is that the freezer contains a dedicated ice maker, making it the ideal location to manufacture ice or desserts like ice cream or frozen baked cake. Better still, because to its low energy usage, this does not have a greater running cost. Also, the fact that it comes with a 2-year general and 5-year compressor guarantee shows how confident they are in its quality.

Baseus 8L Portable Refrigerator

It would be tempting to consume cooled beverages on long automobile trips to slake your thirst and maintain alertness. You can accomplish it because of the Baseus 8L Portable Refrigerator.

It comes in white and pink and has a circular style with a leather handle and a wooden base.

This refrigerator has a dual heating and cooling system and uses less than 60 W of power. This 8L refrigerator may be used to keep cold goods like yogurt, fruit, or cosmetics in addition to beverages.

According to reviews, it is well worth the money and has a very high quality build. There was considerable condensation, though, according to several users.



Tarbus Buffet Dinner Menjadi Pilihan Di Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson | Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan! Tidak lama lagi, bulan Ramadhan bakal tiba. Selera bila bulan Ramadhan bukan main lagi ye. Semua teringin nak makan, semua teringin nak rasa dan bila dah beli, membazir.

Tetapi bila dah masuk bulan Ramadhan, semestinya kita tahu buffet Ramadhan juga bakal bermula. Korang tahu tak? Terdapat satu buffet Ramadhan menjadi pilihan aku. Tarbus Buffet Dinner Menjadi Pilihan Di Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson.


Antara sajian utama untuk tahun ini ialah Kibas Golek dan Tarbus Buffet Dinner. Menu tarbus nie jarang sekali dapat rasa. Sedapnya! Masakan asli Negeri Sembilan semestinya ada. Signature dish!

Berjalan ke Teluk Kemang tu, singgah terus di Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson. Paling best di Klana Beach Resort ialah resort berhadapan dengan pantai Port Dickson. Tenang sangat!

Tiga Sebab Kenapa Tarbus Buffet Dinner Menjadi Pilihan Di Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson


1. Di Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson menyajikan pelbagai pilihan menu yang menarik dan kibas golek dan tarbus buffet merupakan signature dish untuk tahun ini.

1. Kibas golek
2. Tarbus corner
3. Telur itik cili api pucuk ubi
4. Keli salai air asam
5. Puyuh goreng berlado
6. Nangka muda masak lemak ikan masin
7. Pucuk manis masak lemak keledek
8. Rendang maman
9. Indian kobis masala
10. Sambal ikan bilis pucuk ubi
11. Tetel asam pedas
12. Sup kibas
13. Pelbagai pilihan cucur
14. Pelbagai pilihan pencuci mulut
15. Kids corner
16. Pelbagai pilihan jenis minuman

Yang menarik sampai aku nie repeat, apam balik dan murtabak tau! Ya Allah, sedap sangat pilihan menu di sini.

2. Pakej penginapan sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ini. Penginapan di sini tidak kurang hebatnya. Pemandangan pantai Port Dickson yang buatkan kita tenang. Korang boleh tengok harga dalam flyers dibawah.




3. Kemudahan untuk solat disediakan. Jadi, korang tak perlu risau jika tidak penginap di sini. Ruangan solat disediakan untuk tetamu di Klana Beach Resort.

Kawasan parkir kereta juga disediakan dan ruangan parkir itu luas ya.

So, apa tunggu lagi? Mehhh ramai-ramai kita tempah sekarang! Aku nie teringat pulak menu puyuh goreng berlado dan tetel asam pedas. Sedap sangat oi! Kibas golek tu lagi laa sedap.


Masakan orang Negeri Sembilan nie menjadi pilihan hati betul. Sedap!


Tengok! Muka kekenyangan ya suami isteri nie makan kibas golek.


Tarbus Buffet Dinner bermula 25 Mac 2023 hingga 19 April 2023 (04 Ramadhan 144H - 29 Ramadhan 1444H).

Early Bird Promotion: RM58nett

Normal Price (Dewasa): RM68nett
Kanak-kanak (4 - 12 tahun) & Warga Emas: RM30nett

Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut dan tempahan, boleh terus hubungi nombor dibawah:

☎️ Tel: +606 6487888
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📧 Email:
🌐 Website:

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Kasut Pallas Menjadi Pilihan Utama Ibubapa Masa Kini | Anak-anak bakal kembali ke sekolah tidak lama lagi. Korang dah sediakan ke belum persediaan sekolah anak-anak? Persediaan anak-anak sekolah seharusnya siapkan lebih awal. Contohnya pakaian, beg sekolah, kasut sekolah, peralatan sekolah dan lain-lain lagi.
Kalau aku, kasut sekolah amat aku titikberatkan. Aku akan pastikan kasut sekolah yang selesa agar mudah untuk bergerakan seharian dan tidak menyebabkan sakit kaki. Tahun nie, kasut jenama Pallas menjadi pilihan hati. Dari zaman aku sendiri sekolah, kasut Pallas sentiasa jadi pilihan utama. Design yang masih relevan dan paling penting tahan lasak serta selesa.

Korang nak tahu kenapa sejak dulu aku pilih jenama Pallas? Jenama Pallas ini menyediakan tanda aras ciri keselesaan kasut sekolah Pallas iaitu Arch Support, Ventilations (Fast Dry), Rebounce Insole, Lightweight (X-light), Easy Clean, Thicker Foam, Rubber Insole, Rubber Outsole. 9 ciri ini banyak memberi sokongan kepada keselesaan kaki anak-anak.

Dalam kalangan keluarga aku pun, aku selalu cadangkan beli kasut jenama Pallas ini. Harga pun berpatutan dengan kualiti yang diberikan.

Nampak tak tapak kasut nie? Rekaan tapak kasut ini memberikan cengkaman yang kuat. Maka, tak ada laa anak-anak tergelincir bila berjalan atas lantai yang licin.

Kenapa Jenama Pallas Menjadi Pilihan Utama

Cepat Kering Dan Pengudaraan Yang Bagus

Sekarang cuaca yang tidak menentu, kasut Pallas akan sentiasa melindungi kaki anak-anak. Material yang cepat kering akan memberikan keselesaan kepada anak-anak.
Dan ciri-ciri pengudaraan yang bagus dengan material Mesh Fabric. Jadi, aku tak perlu risau dengan masalah kaki yang berbau.

Arch Support Insole

Kaki adalah salah satu bahagian terpenting tubuh badan. Penjagaan permukaan kaki yang memberi sokongan perlu dititikberatkan. Kusyen insole khas yang dipanggil sebagai Arch Support. Kasut Pallas didatangkan dengan sokongan insole bergetah yang mampu melegakan ketegangan pada otot kaki.

Kasut Pallas juga dapat memberikan perlindungan yang lebih baik pada sendi-sendi kaki. Pakai kasut lama-lama pun tetap akan rasa selesa sebab ada ciri-ciri terbaik ini.

Selain tu, bahagian dalaman kasut adalah rubber insole dan arch support. Memberi keselesaan kepada si pemakai dan manakala bahagian luar; bahagian tapak adalah rubber outsole jadi ianya memberi lebih cengkaman yang terbaik.

X-Light Yang Ringan

Walaupun nampak seakan berat tetapi kasut ini sangat ringan. Dengan kusyen tumit melakukan penyerapan hentakan kaki. Dan ia tidak membebankan anak-anak yang memakai kasut Pallas ini.

Jenama Pallas ini sangat trendy dan mengikut perkembangan semasa. Aku rasa korang pun patut miliki kasut sekolah jenama Pallas untuk anak-anak korang.

Sekarang semua benda beli online. Korang pun boleh beli secara online. Tak perlu bersesak demi keselamatan dan kesihatan keluarga. Lebih mudah dan jimat masa dan tenaga!

Nak beli online tu, jangan risau! Measurement guide semua disediakan untuk panduan korang.

Korang boleh beli kasut Pallas dengan layari laman web Dan kalau nak tahu info lebih lanjut, cepat-cepat layari laman web dibawah tau!



The Super Comfortable Popilush Built-In Shapewear | One of the major concerns of women who want to shape their bodies with shapewear is practicality and comfort. You should keep in mind that uncomfortable pieces are a thing of the past. With Popilush it is possible to have a sculptural body effortlessly, with shapewear that is practical and very comfortable. Every woman wants breathable pieces, especially in the warmer seasons of the year.

You don't even have to worry about the season because there are many types of shapewear that can be worn constantly in many ways. There are questions that are decisive when buying a waist trainer. Therefore, this article aims to show you that it is possible to have the best shapewear for dress in an easy and comfortable way with Popilush.

Live the Best

You must love your body and explore its qualities. So live what's best. Be free, comfortable and use shapewear to explore your feminine side with well-being. For example, combine pieces you already have in your closet with shapewear to be used on any occasion and always feel good about yourself and life.

Affordable price

Popilush's mission is to enhance female empowerment by valuing their bodies. You must love yourself and bring out the best in you. Therefore, it is possible to acquire many modeling pieces according to your greatest need. The collection is vast and contains many: skirts, bodysuits, leggings and even a shaping slip dress in many colors and sizes so you can always feel comfortable.

Ease in everyday life


With the advance of increasingly busy days, women want comfortable pieces, both to stay at home and to go out. Comfort must come first, with Popilush it is possible to wear shapewear in a way you never imagined before: to sleep, in swimming pools, to practice physical exercises, etc.
Even in more stressful activities such as shopping on busy market days, picking up the children from school or organizing a party and receiving family members, it is possible to use shapewear to save your time by being elegant and enjoying more.

Use and abuse of dresses

Dresses are very nice options for many women. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is necessary to make practical choices without leaving sensuality aside. You can be beautiful and comfortable at work, college, shopping or on a date. Just use a modal soft 8-in-1 model maxi for lounge wear built in shapewear dress. It doesn't feel heavy and is very breathable.



Choose neutral colors like black, gray and brown for more sober environments like work meetings. You can add any kind of accessory like Max necklace or blazer to build your ideal businesswoman image. Jackets help the look to become more cool if you need to go out to some evening event right after work hours.

But don't forget that the comfort of the shape wear and the benefit of the hourglass body should also be used during fun times like happy hour. For this, give preference to lounge wear with more attractive and cheerful colors like pink and red. This is the secret of many women feeling comfortable, beautiful and good with their own appearance.



Tingkatkan Kemahiran Matematik Dengan Mortgage Calculator Secara Percuma | Zaman sekolah dulu, kalau subjek matematik je, confirm blur aku tak ada siapa boleh lawan. Cikgu pun nak give up kalau ajar aku. Tapi tak nampak noob sangat, selalu credit bila exam.

Zaman dah berubah. Anak-anak zaman sekarang nak belajar sangat mudah cuma cabaran makin besar. Tapi semua itu ada kehendak masing-masing untuk berusaha. Nak praktis melalui medium apa, itu pilihan yang ada.

By the way, korang pernah dengar tak? Games online secara percuma yang menguji minda dalam dunia kewangan dengan pengiraan wang yang berfaedah. Korang pun boleh perkenalkan kepada anak-anak korang tentang games online nie. Biarkan dorang bermain sambil belajar.

Macam aku sendiri pun, seronok betul main games dalam tu. Terdapat 7 kategori dalam Mortgage Calculator. Antaranya money games, real estate games, food business simulation games, business simulation games, software development games, office politics games dan other fun games.


Disini aku kongsikan dengan korang beberapa pilihan games yang aku main dan dah menjadi favorite money games aku.

1. Grocery Cashier


Bila aku main games nie, aku macam dah jadi cashier betul ya. Bukan main aku membebel lagi bila customer bagi duit dalam nilai yang besar walaupun jumlah perbelanjaan kecil je.


Itu pun banyak kali juga laa aku tersilap masukkan jumlah dan pulangan baki customer. Nie kalau business betul, memang gulung tikar nie.

2. Cash Back

Games nie lagi menguji minda tau! Kadang-kadang customer aku sampai monyok bila aku tersilap pulang baki. Tapi yang bagusnya games nie, dia menguji kepantasan kita untuk pulangkan baki.



Semakin cepat kita pulangkan baki customer, sales mestilah makin meningkat.

3. Idle Pet Business

Games makin mencabar dalam kategori business. Untuk Idle Pet Business, korang diberi peluang untuk menjalankan perniagaan kedai haiwan. Korang perlu cari keuntungan untuk unlock pelbagai jenis haiwan yang lain.

Seriously, games dalam nie highly recommended! Menguji minda dan fikiran. Bukan anak-anak je, aku pun rasa diuji betul main games nie.

Korang boleh explore banyak lagi pilihan games dalam Banyak lagi pilihan menarik yang ada dan semestinya PERCUMA! Tak perlu download dan tanpa iklan ya.

Tunggu apa lagi? Jom jadi cashier!